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Raise money for a good cause

Creating a fundraising plan


Decide on what you are raising money for.

Try and start with one purpose because it's easier and people are more likely to support you.



Research your cause.

Try and find out as much information as you can. If you are interested in raising money for HIV orphans, find out what they need and what organisations that help orphans spend their money on.



Give your project a name.

Think of a name that will get people to stop and find out more but that also tells people what you are trying to do.



Set a goal of how much money you want to raise.

The amount of money will probably depend on how much time you have and also the resources you have to make people aware of your cause. Be realistic so that you are not disappointed.



Give yourself a timeline.

Decide how long it will take you to get the money you need.



Find people to help you.

It can be family, friends, people at work or school or any other people who would like to help. Find people near you on the forgood network who can help you.



Decide on the best way to raise money.

Though there are many ways to raise money some might be more effective than others. For example if you know people in your community very well you might want to go door to door or if you have enough time you could plan a fundraising event.



Advertise your cause.

If you can, make some posters and flyers to put in local venues like the post office or your church. Make your posters eye catching and thought-provoking. If you are raising money for a specific organisation include the organisation's contact details.



Bring in the bucks.

Now it's time to get out there, put on your most enthusiastic smile and begin to raise the money. Don't give up!



More moolah for your cause
Are cake sales and car washes not profitable enough? Are you running out of rich friends to donate to your cause? Try these online fundraising tools.


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