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Marginalised people giving back

The members of Hands of Honour come from backgrounds similar to the orphans at Leleibloem Orphanage, so it was fitting that they would use their general construction and landscaping skills to bring about a much needed upgrade of Leliebloem house and its grounds.
As they reach out to help these orphans, they themselves are healed and hope that somehow their own circumstances will improve for the better, forever.
The Hands of Honour is a non-profit organization helping former drug addicts and those who making the transition from homelessness to self sufficiency. As part of their rehabilitation, they go about improving the community they live in by taking part in our violence-prevention-through-urban-upgrading-programe. This programe utilises their collective painting, carpentry, landscaping and other skills to upgrade/repair/enhance the dwellings of widows and other neglected buildings and spaces in the community. These projects serve to showcase their skills, increasing their chances of employment as well improve the living conditions at the project selected.
Although this time around, we only did some painting and cutting of the grass we aim to come back as soon as we have the resources and time to bring about an improvement in the living conditions of these wonderful kids.
We aim to upgrade and repair the individual rooms as well as create and sustain a vegetable garden that will help to feed the kids and workers of Leliebloem Orphanage. Any donations of paint, cement and garden equipment that will aid in the creation of the vegetable garden are most welcome. Feel free to visit us on

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