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In the spotlight

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Help Create a safe and secure place for Teens

Carlton Road, Cape Town 7974, South Africa


  • 1 hours Assistance in organising fundraising
  • 1 hours Counsilling services
  • 1 hours Administrative services

To create a place where young people can turn to in times of trouble or stress, be it at home, school, relationships or just self issues



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Give a Child a Chance - 100 pairs of shoes

Tsamaya, Pretoria 0122, South Africa

Building communities

  • 100 1. School Shoes
  • R1000 2. Transport money

The children will have a decent pair of shoe to wear when going to school. It will improve their motivation for school and will get exposure going...



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Groceries and toiletries

36 Pallinghurst Road, Randburg 2193, South Africa

Women and children

  • 180 Boxes of Tisssues
  • 60 Baby Soap and Shampoo
  • 20 Frozen green veg (peas/broccoli)
  • 22 Boxes of Marshmallow Easter Eggs for toddlers and staff

The toiletries, medicine & food help us to provide quality care for babies & toddlers in a healthy, loving environment. Easter Eggs are a "nice to ...



days left

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Activity: Underdog Youth Builder 14 Apr, 2014 12:00 AM, Main Road, Cape Town 7806, South Africa
How long is it: 1-2 hours
Group name: The Underdog Project
Organised by: Jenna Da Silva Pinto
1 members(s) attending the activity

Activity: Winter warmer - cycle tour fund raiser 26 Apr, 2014 6:00 AM, Vredendal, South Africa
How long is it: Greater than one day
Group name: Chances of Hope
Organised by: Chances of Hope
0 members(s) attending the activity

Activity: TEKKIE TAX DAY 30 May, 2014 12:00 AM, South Africa
How long is it: 4-8 hours
Group name: SuperD Foundation
Organised by: Jackie Serfontein
1 members(s) attending the activity

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Group name: MES
Group summary: MES is a Christian social development organisat...
72 members(s)
Next activity:

Group name: Thunzi Primary School
Group summary: Raising funds to improve the education of the 80 children in this impoverised rural area.
67 members(s)
Next activity:

Group name: Princess Alice Adoption Home
Group summary: Temporary place of safety caring for 30 babies (o-2 years) until they are adopted.
60 members(s)
Next activity:

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Shack Fire victims in Khayalitsha get new houses

Story by Gift of the Givers, 3/12/2013 12:00:00 AM, Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa

Victims of the New Year's day shack fires recently received quality houses, built by Gift of the Givers.

Construction had initially commenced in February, but Gift of the Givers was highly unimpressed with the quality of those houses and stopped the entire project. They then put together their own building team, purchased quality building material, focussed on workmanship under their own supervision and management and the end result is there for all to see.

"Those who have visited these 24 new houses designed by us and built according to our specifications, are in absolute awe as to the effort dedicated in providing something of real quality free for the disadvantaged masses in our country." Building of the next 24 houses commenced on Monday, 25 March 2013.

The public is welcome to contribute to this ongoing project either into our bank account or sms "GIFT" to 30100 on a Vodacom number (100 % of funds come to us) or sms "GIFT" 40100 on any other network (80% of funds come to us). Visit the Vodacom Change The World platform for more details on this. Vodacom is an official partner to Gift of the Givers and sets up communication for us in disaster situations through specialised satellite technology in the absence of functioning networks.

For more details please call Gawa on 083 661 3035

Thankful for the help

Story by Harfield Early Learning Centre, 3/9/2013 12:00:00 AM, Lancaster St, Cape Town 7708, South Africa

Hi all, Our school needed bark chips under all our large equipment before winter. The bark chips mean that the children are not playing in mud in the wet winter months, but also that if someone should fall, there is a soft landing. With a generous donation from Alison Gibb and her "run for funds" NGO we were able to afford the chips needed. Now the school play ground looks more welcoming. The kids love playing on all the large equipment. As one walks past the school the sound of playing happy children is a welcome sound. Alison, thank you for seeing us on Forgood and deciding to help us. We really appreciate it!

School is open

Story by Harfield Early Learning Centre, 1/8/2013 7:00:00 AM, Lancaster St, Cape Town 7708, South Africa

On Tuesday, 8 Jan 2013 our school re-opened. Harfield ELC is in full swing again. It was so nice to walk in and greet all the familiar faces. A few of the new children had a difficult time letting a parent go, but when we fetched them they were all smiling. Who wouldn't? Lots of friends, lots of toys, space to run and climb and new things to learn. Wilma was there to greet all the parents and lead the children to their new classes, while the teachers settle the children in. Activities were packed out and the blue clay and dress-up corner would tempt even the parents to stay. Thank you Wilma and the staff of Harfield ELC for looking after our children so well!

Building partnerships for education in the North West province

Story by Youth for Christ Missions and Outreach , 12/22/2012 12:00:00 AM, 33 Arterial St, Germiston 2007, South Africa

A group of 15 volunteers from World Servants of Netherlands arrived on 18th December to take part in a Construction and Renovation Project at Ramosadi Primary in Mahikeng, Montshiwa in the North West Province. Youth for Christ Mahikeng works closely with the school where Youth Workers work along LO Educators in promoting Healthy Lifestyles amongst the 380 learners, many of whom are orphans and vulnerable children.

Youth for Christ SA, in partnership with World Servants of the Netherlands is building a Youth Missions Outreach Ministry that seeks to mobilize young South Africans with the Rainbow Spirit of Hope, to give of their time and selves to build and to make a difference. This partnership contributes to the UN's Millennium Development Goals for development. This particular project contributes as well to the Schools for Every Child Project. On the cards already are plans for the next project in the months of July or August.

Make every day Mandela Day

Itching to do something good? Want to make a difference for more than 67 minutes a year? Here are 30 ways to make a difference every day.

Ask this before you volunteer

Are you a sports fanatic or a tree hugger? Do you want to care for children or pets …? There are a few important questions to ask before you volunteer.

Quiz: how well do you know SA?

Which stadia were built in 2010? Where is the longest waterfall? Who was Nkosi Johnson? Take the quiz and find out how much of a proud patriot you are.

Ordinary people changing lives

In 2008, Philen Naidu and his wife found two 21-year-old high school dropouts on the streets of Zandspruit. Through soccer, they are now keeping 105 boys off the streets and out of trouble.

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Good happens

"On forgood we can find all the most important information on organisations in one place … it is a tool we use to showcase to potential sponsors what we do. Some of the people and organisations we have met on forgood have become friends of ours and it is always encouraging to read and listen to people that go through the same things we go through."
Danie van Loggerenberg, Pretoria - Toys for Africa


"Forgood provides a valuable opportunity to promote projects, ideas and concepts to a community hungry for positive news and events."
Bryan Lever, Johannesburg - Pray for our leaders


"The rewards themselves are amazing. Apart from the obvious relief the gifts and vouchers bring, there is a deeper meaning to them too."
Diane Blyth, George - George United Football Club


"The forgood website has helped me to establish and make contact with other like-minded people (such as Danie van Loggenberg from Toys for Africa). These people have donated money, stationery and books to Thunzi Primary, which has had a huge impact on these young children."
Terri Russell - Thunzi Primary School

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