Make a difference today

  • Help at your local animal shelter
    If you're an animal lover – what better way to spend 67 minutes of your time? Give a helping hand to those who spend their days looking after pets that don't have a home.

  • Clean a wall of graffiti
    Get rid of graffiti in your community on Mandela Day. With a little elbow grease you can make your community walls sparking clean.

  • Read at your local library
    The Library and Information Association of South Africa has recently celebrated South African Library week with the theme "Read in your language @ your library". Contact your local library to see how you can get involved.

  • Collect blankets and donate them to a local shelter
    Being snuggled up in a blanket is a luxury many can't afford. Collect blankets at your office, school or faith based organization and spread the warmth this winter. Here is a group on forgood needing blankets.

  • Build a website for an NGO or cause
    Are you a techno-wizard? The web offers a whole world of opportunities for causes that really need them. If you can help out, build a website to open the door.

  • Help someone get a job
    Remember your jitters on your first interview? Some people never even get the chance. Help someone put together a CV and then pass on some good interview skills. Your help may get them the job they desperately need.

  • Visit patients at your local hospital
    Many hospital patients have very few visitors, if any. Pop into a ward at your local hospital, chat to the patients and make their day a bit brighter. Take some flowers, a magazine or toys to make it extra special!

  • Tutor a child
    Do sums do it for you? Or do you have a wonderful way with words? Then get tutoring. Children in our country are in desperate need of extra lessons and you could be the answer.

  • Donate books to a school
    Imagine a world without books. It's not that far away for some kids. Donate textbooks, novels, story books or dictionaries to a school library. Here is a school needing books on forgood.

  • Donate your clothes & shoes
    Get in early on the spring cleaning! Clean your cupboards and donate your unused clothes and shoes to a local charity or shelter. Here is a group needing donations on forgood.

  • Help out at a soup kitchen
    Grumble, grumble, grumble… Help fill empty stomachs at your local soup kitchen. Volunteer and see the difference a meal can make.

  • Play and instrument or sing at an old-age home
    Do you have the voice of an angel or play an instrument? Visit your local old-age home and let the power of music lift the souls of the residents and staff.

  • Buy a chocolate for a cashier or petrol attendant
    Chocolate can go a long way to making someone's day brighter. Recognise those who serve you at the counter by giving them a small taste of heaven.

  • Pick up all the litter on your street
    Don't let litter bugs make our streets dirty. Help by picking up the litter on your streets. It may also be a chance to get to meet your neighbours. A clean community means a happy community and a healthy planet!

  • Donate blood
    A baby's need is greater than your fear. The blood bank is low on life-saving blood so use your 67 minutes to donate at your nearest blood donor centre.
    Find your nearest centre here.

  • Take a meal to security guard
    Our security guards work long hours to keep us safe. Show them your gratitude by making a meal for them. This will keep their spirits up during their shift.

  • Leave some planted flowers by your neighbour's door or gate
    Let nature nurture the soul.

  • Help paint a school or crèche
    Little hands and little feet need a happy environment to learn. Contact a crèche or school that needs resources to help them make this a reality.

  • SMS a message to your friends saying 'I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA' and tell them to pass it on
    Our country has so much going for it – let's show our support for a better South Africa. Pass on the love!

  • Take a young person or colleague out for coffee to chat about how they are doing
    Mentoring can be a very rewarding experience. See if you want to be a mentor by taking a young person for coffee. Get clued up on mentoring now

  • Pay for somebody's groceries at the till
    Who knows what a difference this can make – perhaps the person you help is tight on cash, trying to make ends meet to provide for their family? You can be that difference.

  • Plant a tree
    Be kind to our planet and do your bit to green your community or home.

  • Write an encouraging letter to a person who does a lot for little recognition
    There are many people who are changing this place without us ever knowing their faces. Take a moment to encourage those that help out so selflessly.

  • Take home-baked goodies to a police station
    Our police deal with depressing issues and a thank-you gesture from ordinary citizens can go a long way to boost morale.

  • Take flowers to a nurse
    Nurses sometimes need some TLC (Tender Loving Care) too. We can be the ones to care for them.

  • Take children from a children's home on an outing
    Get out and about in your community – with children from a children's home. Treat them to the theatre or the zoo, a picnic or a movie. Experiences like this will show them others care. Here is an organisation that does just this on forgood.

  • Make food parcels to give away
    You can feed a person for a month with just: 2,5 kg white mealie meal 410g peanut butter 500g white kidney beans 500g sugar beans / brown speckled beans 500g Fat free milk powder 2 x 1 kg sugar 100g salt 500g savoury soya mince Add some little treats to make your food parcel extra special.

  • Get to know your domestic worker by taking her out for lunch/coffee
    Domestic workers clean your dishes, wash your clothes and clean your house. But do they ever get your time?

  • Collect canned food for a food bank
    FoodBank South Africa offers a fantastic service to help provide quality food to those who need it. Contact your local FoodBank to see what the current needs are.

  • Work for someone for free
    Your time is very valuable – especially for a business owner. Ask a business owner you know whether they need help around the office, or in a shop or restaurant. Be sure to tell them about why you're doing it.

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