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Get work experience by volunteering!

Get work experience by volunteering!




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01 December 2017

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Improve your CV – volunteer

Fresh out of high school, college or university and worried that your CV is lacking in real work experience? Whether you are working a part-time job or still studying, volunteering presents real opportunities to build your work portfolio and develop marke...



A great way to get experience and to hone your skills is to spend some time volunteering at a Cause.

REMEMBER: this is volunteering, not an internship - so don't expect a salary or stipend. This is about giving back and learning at the same time!

5 ways volunteering can help you find a job & advance your career:

  1. You expand your personal and professional networks // People already working in your target field are great sources of information about job openings, affinity organizations, and people you should meet. And if you have a good experience volunteering, the Cause you helped might serve as a reference when you’re applying to jobs.
  2. You learn new and transferable skills // Volunteering will help you develop new job skills as well as apply current skills in new ways. For example, a mid-career professional who has worked in concert promotions could use her marketing skills to help an organisation with their fundraising.
  3. It’s an opportunity for career exploration // Volunteering allows you to try on different organisations and roles without job-hopping. Of course, volunteering isn’t the same as being on staff, but it can expose you to the work of an organisation in a deeper way than becoming a member, following it on Twitter, or even conducting an informational interview with an employee.
  4. You build a track record of work for a specific Cause // Causes value dedication to their issue area. By turning your values into action, you will demonstrate to your potential employer that you are committed to—and educated about—their issue of concern.
  5. Hiring managers value volunteerism // Having volunteer work on your CV can help you stand out. Even LinkedIN now has a dedicated section for volunteering! SOURCE & INSPIRATION:


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