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Phoenix Child Welfare

Northern Suburbs, KwaZulu-Natal

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About Us

We help Women, Children, Youth, Families by offering Social Work & Community Development Services

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The Society is a non-profit organization which renders much-needed social work services to the communities of Phoenix, Mount Moriah and Mount Royal, which accommodates a combined population of over 800 000. Our Society’s services range from child protection programmes, family preservation and reunification, which encompasses the preventative, developmental and therapeutic component.

Since its establishment in March 1981, and during its 36 years of existence, this Society has reached out to the informal settlements beyond its boundaries and in so doing, have stretched the Society’s limited resources. The greatest challenge for the Phoenix Child & Family Welfare Society has been to address the needs of the poorest of the poor.

Our Society also runs a Shelter for abused women and children called the Sahara and the Rotary Home which ia a community home for 6 children.

The Society therefore requires an annual budget of approximately R3 million to facilitate efficient and effective service delivery. In order to alleviate this financial burden, we host a series of fundraising events

The following are some of the events we host annually:

• The Phoenix Charity Fair
• Cannon Gold Cup

Funds raised from these events are utilized for our ongoing community projects and development.

The following are current projects of the Phoenix Child and Family Welfare Society.

• Children's Foundation Programmes
• Parenting Programmes
• Child Protection Programmes
• Skills Development
Homework centers in schools

We provide theraputic Services to abused children and their families. We assist abused and orphaned children by finding foster care for them.
We place children in adoption.

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Contact Details


031 500 3671


10 Featherstone Place, Whetstone, Phoenix,Other, Northern Suburbs, KwaZulu-Natal

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