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The Jasmine Lotus Foundation NPC The Jasmine Lotus Foundation NPC

The Jasmine Lotus Foundation NPC

East Rand, Gauteng

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About Us

We help people and animals in need by using the power of philanthropy

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The Jasmine Lotus Foundation was registered in May 2014, and since December 2016 are finally a registered PBO (Section 18a) which was approved after a 3 year wait.
Our Foundation’s objectives are to use the power of philanthropy by improving and changing people's lives. We strive to assist individuals/families/animals and all other charitable organizations in need and hope that through our charitable giving we can make a profound difference to others.
It is a small family run charity - the first and foremost Director, Mrs. Thelma Ann Battiss (my sister) started the charity with a view to "giving back" and donated a large sum of money for the charity to be established. The second Director, Mrs. Angelique Bell-Simmonds (my daughter) works full time but assists where she can, and then there is myself, Gisela Rall who sees to it that all the administration work is taken care of. I also arrange various "drives" and fundraising events.

Our first event was "A Warmer Winter" Gala evening where we were blessed with an array of jerseys, scarves, gloves, socks, vests and beanies which we distributed to other charities, individuals and families.

I also arranged a "Sanitary Towel Drive" from which we were able to provide 7 schools in our area with a year supply of these necessary items. With donations from family and friends we were also able to provide some schools and crèches with books for their libraries.

Through arranging a "Cancer Survivor Celebration/Awareness" event, we managed to donate R7500-00 to Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

From our own pockets my daughter and I purchased tinned and non-perishable foods, socks, vests, gloves, raincoat etc., and distributed these 'survival packs' to many homeless people in Johannesburg who live under bridges.

Unfortunately due to the fact that we do not receive any financial aid whatsoever, and because our expenses cannot be covered we are attempting to sell various items which we advertise on our on-line Facebook page, but because the funds incoming are not enough we may have to close in the very near future.

All items donated to us are entirely from family and friends and these include mainly 2nd hand clothing, linen and small household items.

Almost on a daily basis we are inundated with cries of help for food. Because we do not have funding we are unable to assist, and should we be blessed with an ongoing supply of tin/non-perishable foodstuff we can have a 'foodbank' and still be able to assist and provide same to some the many requests we receive.


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8 Graham Street, Randhart,East Rand, Gauteng

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