Help Bontlebame: For Impoverished Women, Teen Girls & Youth with 20 volunteers for 1-4 hours for Grade12 Pupils

Northern Suburbs, KwaZulu-Natal

  • Bontlebame: For Impoverished Women, Teen Girls & Youth

    needs your help

  • 20 volunteer(s) still needed
  • 1-4 hours
  • Durban North
  • 14 April 2017
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Our Need

Help Bontlebame: For Impoverished Women, Teen Girls & Youth with 20 volunteers for 1-4 hours for Grade12 Pupils

Need Background

We are hosting a Grade 12 Intervention Programme and need speakers who are professionals and business owners to speak on entrepreneurship.


Thulani volunteers Good Day I would love to help by motivational speaking Thulani
12 day(s) ago

Good Day I would love to help by motivational speaking Thulani

Stay safe

  1. Don’t pass any personal information to people you haven’t met offline before
  2. When meeting one of your contacts offline for the first time, always be sure to arrange to meet in a public place.
  3. Make sure that you are not left alone with someone that you have never met before.
  4. Know where you’re going. If you’re headed off the beaten track or into an unfamiliar part of town, be sure you have directions and a GPS or map book.
  5. If you feel unsafe, consult the person in charge and let him or her know.
  6. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery: it could get damaged, lost or stolen.
  7. Ask, ask, ask! If you’re worried about something or concerned about your safety in a certain situation, ask the person in charge.
  8. Look out for hazards. Every job has its hazards—even jobs you don’t get paid to perform. For example, if you’re volunteering at an animal shelter, be sure to ask whether the animals are likely to bite and how to avoid it.

Keep in contact

  1. Once you respond to a need, we will send your contact details to the relevant cause. They should get in contact with you soon.
  2. If you don’t hear from the cause, contact them by visiting the ‘About the cause’ page.
  3. Be sure you have the telephone number of your contact handy when you head out to volunteer.
  4. Make sure you’ve organised a good meeting spot and have accurate directions.

Stick to your commitments

  1. Don't overcommit. You can create more problems than you solve if you keep missing the volunteering time you’ve committed to.

Volunteer around your strengths

  1. You probably have some fantastic skills that our causes can really make use of.
  2. Use the skills of your profession to help causes in need. A designer can help to design posters or signage for a cause; a teacher can help to tutor children, and a plumber can help fix taps.
  3. Use your hobbies to help out. Perhaps you’re an avid gardener who can help to set up a vegetable patch for a cause, or perhaps you’re a fantastic cook who can provide a meal once per month to a charity. We’re always looking.
  4. Use volunteering as an opportunity to enhance your skills. Interested in writing? Perhaps you can help an animal shelter with their weekly newsletter.
  5. All skills are useful. Perhaps you’re great at organising and can help a charity with a spring clean. Or perhaps you’re a great storyteller and can read stories once per month at an orphanage.
  6. Avoid volunteering activities that don’t suit your strengths. If you’re not good with children, don’t volunteer to help out at a school.

About this Cause

Bontlebame: For Impoverished Women, Teen Girls & Youth

We help uplift, empower, skill impoverished teenage girls by building self esteem, career guidance &entrepreneurship

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