Help Ram - Rescue Among Many by donating computers for a rural primary school

Northern Suburbs, Western Cape

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  • 19 October 2017
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Help Ram - Rescue Among Many by donating computers for a rural primary school

What else do people need to know

Please help:- Secluded and protected by the mountains surrounding Montagu, is a dynamic rural school where dreams are big and funds are low. The bright young primary school learners are not provided with computer equipment to prepare them for high school. The snowball effect is that their high school has stopped computer classes for 2017 as the learners coming from Ashbury Primary are not computer literate. This snowball effect will limit these children’s chances for entering the economic world so their only choice in life might be farm work or no work at all as the area is small.

Donate good quality items

  1. If you’re donating old clothes, toys or household items, make sure they are in a good condition. Don’t donate the mismatched socks with holes in them and the broken toys.
  2. Whenever possible, clean goods beforehand.
  3. Package your donation well. Mark the container, box or packet so that it is clear what’s inside.
  4. Don’t donate food that is past its expiry date.
  5. Don’t donate weapons or flammable items.

Deliver if you can

  1. Often, donating goods isn’t the hard part. It’s getting the goods to the cause that takes your time. If possible, arrange delivery of the goods.

Stay safe

  1. Don’t pass any personal information to people you haven’t met offline before
  2. When delivering goods to a contact offline for the first time, always be sure to arrange to meet in a public place.
  3. Make sure that you are not left alone with someone that you have never met before.
  4. Know where you’re going. If you’re headed off the beaten track or into an unfamiliar part of town, be sure you have directions and a GPS or map book.
  5. If you feel unsafe, consult the person in charge and let him or her know.
  6. Avoid wearing expensive jewellery: it could get damaged, lost or stolen.
  7. Ask, ask, ask! If you’re worried about something or concerned about your safety in a certain situation, ask the person in charge.

Keep in contact

  1. Once you respond to a need, we will send your contact details to the relevant cause. They should get in contact with you soon.
  2. If you don’t hear from the cause, contact them by visiting the ‘About the cause’ page.
  3. When delivering goods, keep the cause’s contact details close at hand so you can call if you need anything.

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Ram - Rescue Among Many

We help Elderly, Children & animal shelters by assisting needs at farm or rural schools, old age homes

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